What I'm writing ...

Life After Death ...

 ... is the story of a black family coming of age in Pittsburgh, PA.  It's a story of three siblings who discover among their father's papers, after his suicide, evidence that he has been involved in a murder as well as election fraud.  It's a murder mystery about love and loss.  And it's about that thing that we call race, that we think of as so concrete, but which turns out to be extremely fluid.  

Emily Williamson, Williamson Literary has agreed to represent Life After Death.  We are submitting Life After Death to a number of editors for consideration.  

Presently hard at work on the second book. A tale about terrorism with roots that stretch back to the Iranian revolution.  It's about how Bin Laden came to be and how he isn't who we think he is.  Projected completion date is July 2019.

What I'm reading ...

And ... oh yeah ...

She's Not There: A Life in Two Genders
White Trash: The 400-Year
Untold Story of Class in 
Nancy Isenberg
Jennifer Finney Boylan
The First Muslim:  The Story of Muhammad
Leslie Hazleton

So ... I was at a dinner at the Governor's mansion (that's a whole other story) and wound up in a conversation with a great guy.  One thing lead to another and I wound up with an alto horn!

It's been a while.  But we'll see what happens ...

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